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Melbourne would not be Melbourne without football

A visit to Melbourne, in winter, is not complete without going to an Australian Rules football game. Melbourne literally lives and breaths football. For Melburnians, it’s a way of life. Colloquially, the game is known as either Aussie rules, or just plain footy.

Each team is made up of 18 players, with a game’s length lasting for four quarters of 20 minutes (plus stoppage time) each. The aim of the game, like other football codes, is to get the highest score to win. As the game is played on a modified cricket ground, it is a very athletic game. For people unfamiliar with the game, the scoring may seem confusing. A goal is worth six points, when kicked through the two tall centre posts. If the ball goes through either side of the tall centre posts, it’s classed as a behind, that’s one point. A score of 2 goals and 3 behinds would be denoted as: 2 3 15, or sometimes as 2 3 (15)

Below are a selection of the many photos that I took at today’s game (August 23, 2014), between the Essendon Bombers and the Gold Coast Suns. My team are the Essendon Bombers.

The goal posts at the Coventry end of the ground
The goal posts at the Coventry end of the ground.
The tunnel leading to the field, from Essendon’s dressing room.
The umpires walk on to the field.
The Gold Coast Suns run on to the field.
The Essendon Bombers run on to the field.
Pre-game warm up and practice.
The ball is bounced in the centre, and the game starts.
Players fight for the ball.
Essendon scores a goal.
Essendon scores a goal.
Don the Sash!
It’s third quarter time.
Essendon wins the game. Red ‘n’ Black and Damn Proud.

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