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General Travel

General travel that can’t be lumped under more specific travel styles, such as railway-focused travelling, cruising (once I get to that age!), etc.

St. Kilda Pier

The St. Kilda Pier is a Melbourne icon. Built over one hundred years ago, it formed part of the St. Kilda resort, which the area was known for at the time. Over the years, St. Kilda has changed much. However, the pier has remained, along with the nearby Luna Park. Two shelters, halfway...

Ningbo’s Old Bund

Many people know about Shanghai’s Bund. However, not many know that there is also a Bund in Ningbo. Ningbo is a city with a rich maritime history, with a deep water port. Because of the city’s location, it had dominated the trade in the region, making it easy to transport materials, such...