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Back ‘home’ for five days.

UK rail trip – 2022

Days 19-22 – 21st-24th April, 2022

I woke up feeling a little rubbish again. I decided to take another lateral flow test, just to confirm yesterday’s positive. Yes, it was positive again. After a bit of coughing and spluttering, I decided not to stay for a second night (which I’d arranged yesterday afternoon). Instead, I checked out. I decided that I was going to self-isolate. And where else would I feel comfortable about doing this other than Manchester? So, I did some searching and found a hotel in Northenden (located in southern Manchester). I walked off to London Euston and caught the first available train to Manchester Piccadilly.

London Euston (10:20)
Avanti West Coast
2:20 (91:43)
Manchester Piccadilly (12:40)
295.4 km (8084.3 km)

Feeling rather drained and fatigued, I slept most of the way to Manchester. Before I knew it, I was crossing the Stockport viaduct. Talk about a fast trip, when it fact it was delayed by just over ten minutes.

After arriving at Manchester Piccadilly, I crossed over to platform 13 located on the far side of the station. The station I needed to get to would be Gatley. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait for too long. Despite feeling fatigued, I still wrote down departure and arrival times, as well as the type of train it was. A Transpennine Express class 185. What else can an unreformed transpotter do? 🙂

Manchester Piccadilly (13:02)
Transpennine Express
0:09 (91:52)
Gatley (13:11)
10.5 km (8094.8 km)

Ten minutes later, I was at Gatley. Time to get off the train. I had a bus to catch for the last few kilometres.

I caught a bus, which dropped me almost outside the hotel. I’d be staying at the Britannia Airport Hotel. The price was right, but wasn’t all that flash. But a room is a room, and that’s all I needed. Just to rest for several days. I didn’t do too much over the next few days. I just rested and went out when I needed to get something to eat. I even had a good view of a road!

The A5103, Northenden.

Day 23 – 25th April, 2022

On the fifth day, though, I actually ventured out and met up with my friend Gary. So, I walked to the nearest Metrolink stop, which was a good 25 minutes walk away. I decided to catch an earlier tram in to the city centre and wandered around a little.

Manchester Central Library and Manchester Town Hall.
Trams at St. Peter’s Square Metrolink Station.
A tram passing in front of Manchester Central Library.

I then caught a tram to the Pomona Metrolink stop, where I’d be meeting Gary. We wandered around the Quays for a while, also taking a tram out to the Trafford Centre. I hadn’t been there since 2005 or 2006. It had undergone a few changes, including now having a tram line.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back on the trains again. I’ve decided to go to Brighton. Gary said that it wasn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. However, I thought I may as well go anyhow.

Manchester (Northenden)
Britannia Airport Hotel

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