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An Afternoon at Lorne

Today, with my one of my sisters and brother-in-law (my wonderful hosts for this week), I went out to Lorne, which is situated on the Great Ocean Road. First, we had breakfast at The Farmer’s Place. They’re a newly established café, located on a working farm. They grow their own food, and cook up some fantastic meals. Their bacon and eggs are quite good! Their vision is sustainable food growth.

After breakfast, and a quick return home to pick up my camera, we drove on to Lorne. Lorne is a popular tourist spot, due to its location on the Great Ocean Road. Being a couple of hours from Melbourne, it is seen as an appropriate place to stop for morning tea or lunch. We decided to have lunch there. I took a few photographs of the place. 🙂 Upon our arrival, the sun was out and shining. As the afternoon passed, along came the cloud cover, which rendered some of my photos as quite rubbish.

Lorne Beach.
The main road through Lorne.
The Lorne Pier.
People on the pier.
A photo of yours truly, on the pier! I don’t usually have photos taken of me.
People fishing off the pier.
How quickly the weather changes, this time of year.
Men bringing in their boat.
A weather vane, with a difference.

On the way back, we made a short stop at Airey’s Inlet. There’s a skateboard park there, which also had some swings!

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Whee! I haven’t been on a swing in years!

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