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A Short Walk Along the Yarra, and Around the MCG

Today I decided to take a walk along the Yarra. The sun was out, and the weather was fantastic. It certainly didn’t feel the barely double figures it really was.

The Yarra River runs just off to the side of Melbourne’s city centre. It is commonly referred to as being an upside down river, due to its colour. It is a working river, with the occasional tourist boat and rowing boats.

The Yarra River, with the Swanston Street bridge, and the Eureka Tower.
The Yarra River, with the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) in the distance.
The MCG in the distance.
The Yarra River.

Melbourne is well known for its artistic flair, as well as celebrating cultural diversity. This can be seen in this sculpture, located along side the river.

A sculpture along side the Yarra.
A sculpture along side the Yarra.
Eureka Tower, with the Federation Bells in the foreground.

Just off the Yarra River, is Melbourne’s sporting precinct. This includes Rod Laver Arena (where the Australian Open is held), and the MCG – the Melbourne Cricket Ground (often referred to as the ‘G). The MCG was the main stadium for the 1956 Olympic Games. However, it’s more commonly known for hosting sports such as, of course, cricket, and Australian Rules Football (AFL).

Rod Laver Arena.
The MCG – The Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Finally, I took a walk around the perimeter of the MCG. This is where you will find statues of famous cricketers, Aussie Rules footballers, and other famous Australian sports men and women.

The great Dennis Lillee – one of the world’s best bowlers.
A depiction of the first Aussie Rules match – it was a very different game, then.
The legendary Shane Warne – considered the best bowler of the 20th century.
The great Sir Donald Bradman – the world’s best batsman.

The MCG also houses the National Sports Museum, which I hope to visit at the end of this week.

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