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A lazy day in Kyle of Lochalsh.

UK rail trip – 2022

Day 42 – 14th May, 2022

Today was going to deliberately be a lazy day. I had no plans for today, apart from doing some washing. I wandered down to the Kyle Community Facilities where the laundry facilities were located. I opted for the card operated washing machine and threw my clothes in. It was estimated to take about an hour to wash them. So, I wandered down to the harbour.

Looking over towards the Isle of Skye.

I went back to the laundry and put my clothes into the dryer. This would take another hour or so. Back to the harbour! I did a little reading and watched people go by. It had turned out to be a nice, sunny day. Just the ticket! I picked up my washing and returned to my hostel room and put everything away. Time for lunch, I think. So, I wandered back down to the harbour and bought fish and chips. A little pricey, but not too bad at all!

Kyle of Lochalsh Harbour and station.

After lunch, I walked further around towards the station. It was a Saturday, so not as many trains today. I walked down to the docks and wandered around. There were more fishing boats further around. I then started wondering where to go to tomorrow. Edinburgh, I think. So, I made a booking with the Castle Rock Hostel. While watching the world go by, I witnessed one car being reversed into the front of another. The damage was very minimal. The car behind wasn’t going to pursue damages, but took down my mobile number just in case. With that excitement over, I grabbed some dinner back at the hostel. Steak and cider, What could be better?

Kyle of Lochalsh Harbour and station.

After dinner, I returned to the harbour once more. Another fishing boat had since come in. I know I’m going to have to visit this place again. The next time, it will be by bicycle.

Kyle of Lochalsh
Islander Bunkhouse

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