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A day trip to Aberdeen.

UK rail trip – 2022

Day 10 – 12th April, 2022

Today I decided to take a day trip to Aberdeen. I knew it would be cold and windy, so set off to Edinburgh Waverley in my trusty €5 Primark coat. It’s certainly getting a good workout. A ScotRail InterCity 125 HST was my mode of transport to Aberdeen. So I hopped on board.

Edinburgh Waverley (09:28)
2:23 (57:06)
Aberdeen (11:51)
209.7 km (5089.7 km)

Shortly after leaving Edinburgh Waverley, the train made its way to the Forth Bridge. At nearly 2.5 kilometres in length, it was completed in 1889 after taking seven years to build. I decided to video the crossing.

Crossing the Forth Bridge.

I first crossed this bridge back in the late 90s, on a previous visit. This was to be my second visit to Aberdeen. The line followed near the coastline all the way up to Aberdeen, sometimes quite close. It was just just to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Upon arrival at Aberdeen, I took a walk down to the Aberdeen Beach. Took about half an hour to walk there. And it was cold! Still, I stuck it out and looked out over the sea for a bit. Way out at sea, wind power windmills could be seen. And along by the walkway, there was a mural.

Aberdeen Beach.
Aberdeen Beach.
Windmills out at sea.

After spending about an hour there, I walked back into the city centre rather than directly to the station.

The Archibald Simpson – a pub.
Looking down Union Street.

I ended up back at the station. It was time to head back to Edinburgh. As I came up with ScotRail, I decided to go back with LNER on another of their class 800s. As Aberdeen is outside the electrified network, the train was on diesel power.

On the platform at Aberdeen.
Aberdeen (14:52)
2:34 (59:40)
Edinburgh Waverley (17:26)
209.7 km (5299.4 km)

I really do like the class 800s, which have replaced a lot of older rolling stock. However, there is one thing lacking – the ability to tilt. Even though not overly required on this line, it would still make a difference going into bends at a higher speed. And, as there are so many of them now, it would also help future-proof them. Even though I took a different railway company, the route was just the same. So, I went back across the Forth Bridge.

After arriving back in Edinburgh, I popped down to the common areas to work on some of my blog – which you read back on day 1. I packed my stuff away and went out to find something to eat and to walk a little.

Along the Royal Mile.

Tomorrow, I’m off to Manchester for a local MNDA (Motor Neurone Disease Association) branch meeting.

Castle Rock Hostel

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